Please continue for my on-going health issues. I am seeing a new doctor on, December 20, who has great reviews from others experiencing similar problems.

Dec-03 / no prayers yet

Please pray hard for immediate divine intervention regarding my toothache and financial crisis. Thanks and God bless.

Nov-12 / last prayer 44h ago

Please pray God heal my right eye and help me to see clearly again. TY

Nov-14 / last prayer 43h ago
Roy Dennis Hildebrand

Please pray for Roy Dennis Hildebrand, 66, of Mansfield. Cancer has spread. Doctors want to try an experimental drug. Please pray that the drug works.

Nov-28 / last prayer 44h ago
Mark Evans

Pray for Don & Heather Barnes in the death of their 18-year-old son.

Dec-01 / last prayer 44h ago
Glenn Sasser

Please pray for Glenn Sasser who has cancer. Thanks

Nov-12 / last prayer 44h ago
Sidney & Joyce Smith

Pray for Kimberly Smith, our daughter-in-law). Her needs are housing and job-related.

Dec-01 / last prayer 44h ago
SIdney Smith

Pray for the fighting in the Middle East. Pray for spiritual restoration and reconciliation.

Dec-01 / last prayer 43h ago

Please pray I get over my ex and not think about him or care. If he is praying to get back together then please pray he will drop me a note but otherwise please pray God help me be glad to let go TY

Nov-11 / last prayer 44h ago
Jay Legeai

Please pray that my son Steven's house will sell soon.

Dec-01 / last prayer 44h ago

Please pray for my marriage and my wife. Anger has taken control of our hearts and we need to focus on a God being the foundation of our relationship.

Nov-24 / last prayer 44h ago
Brooke Ridge

Pray for me as I recover from an arm fracture. Please pray the fracture heals quickly and that physical therapy will help.

Dec-01 / last prayer 43h ago
Women’s Ministry Lead Team

Women’s Gathering 11/28. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to permeate in the lives of the attendees and that many will respond to next steps spiritually.

Nov-14 / last prayer 44h ago